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What do you do when you are over 50% lose on your trades?

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    On 10th I bought these coins…

    QLC 665.39235960 spent 0.04669735 BTC now value 0.02208817
    DBC 3489.01913490 spent 0.11399558 BTC now value 0.04789097
    UTK 999.14623990 spent 0.07351075 BTC now value 0.04367548
    TRX 11704.11100000 spent 0.11480700 BTC now value 0.07415842
    VTC 43.46405229 spent 0.01995629 BTC now value 0.01713204
    MUSIC 6321.99316783 spent 0.04531524 BTC now value 0.02180519

    If you notice in all these coins I am in HUGE lose. I am holding this of course. Coz I would never sell my coins in lose. I did in past but learnt my lessons.

    How do you handle when you are in my situation.



    Any Comments??

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    You log off your PC, and enjoy your life without crypto.


    Maybe check CMC once a week and you will eventually be in the green – it could take a week or a year.



    Once you are losing more percentage of your investment you have no choice what to do but to HODL, every dip of the coin will have a pump later.
    Once a future development comes an improvement on the project are visible the price will surely pump more than the expected amount. don’t make losses just hodl and wait for the time it pumps.

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