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    Just look at them! They are clearly victims, but most of these kids will just be pretending. They will have cards made up and just pretend to be a trader as it’s just what children do.

    The ones that actually are scamming social cannon fodder will also be being scammed themselves. If you’re a Russian owned, Cypriot based bookmaker with an Israeli cold calling and bet enforcement team then there is no way you are going to cut some retard with a chocolate cigar a fair deal. You’ll tear that mug a bigger hole than any of the fruit and veg he brings to market.

    It predominantly seems to be the London youth culture who are used as marketing tools as the intended target audience are more likely to be able to relate to them regardless of ethnicity. 18-25, grew up with social media, aspire to shiny things like expensive alocohol, nice clothes and cars.

    The actual people pulling the strings behind the scenes are typically based in Cyprus or Israel. If you care to do a bit of digging you’ll see that a number of fines have been issued to the offending Brokers as well as a number of operating bans in Certain contries. Cysec for example are tasked with enforcing regulations with Cyprus based Brokers but even this isn’t a safety net for the vulnerable.

    Israel for example ban Binary Options from being trading in Israel by Israeli citizens but are happy to allow the targeteing of victims in other Countries.

    Far more worrying is that some Brokers are actively engaging in fraud by taking money from customers by force, not paying out when funds are earnt AND manipulating their trading platforms to ensure losses.



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