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    No selling/advertising

    Any content that we will recognise as marketing will be deleted.

    No junk posting

    This is a Trading forum, so please keep the threads tidy and related to trading.

    Please keep off-topic posts strictly in the off-topic forum.

    No Abuse/Insults

    Members must not use foul language or abuse other members, either directly or by using links, signatures etc.

    Please remember that some users are beginners, so please appreciate that they are here to learn.

    Members must not post any messages that insult any members of the forum. Remember that we are here to better ourselves at trading and not to go on a personal vendetta.

    No Solicitation

    This includes trying to solicit members to join any groups outside of the The Shark Tank, using any social media tools etc.

    No Cross-posting/ posting duplicate threads

    Users should not post the same information in multiple threads of the forum.

    No Bumping

    Bumping means posting irrelevant information onto a post to make the thread more relevant or to increase its post count. This is not permitted.

    One username at a time

    The Shark Tank users should only have a single forum username at a time. Having multiple active accounts is not permitted.

    No spam

    No spamming the forums by posting duplicate posts, bumping any of their threads, or flooding the website with worthless content.

    Signature Rules

    No vulgar or inappropriate avatars or signatures are allowed.

    No promotional link with outbound links

    Any unauthorised promotional links will be removed.

    Privacy Policy

    Information/date not divulged to third parties.

    We do not share or sell information with third party companies.



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